Isotonic seawater solution

For everyday hygiene of the nasal cavities in order to:

  • Lower the risk of infection of the upper respiratory tract
  • Clean the nasal passage
    • in case of nasal congestion, colds, rhinitis due to allergies
    • in small children
  • Moisturize a dry nasal mucous membrane in
    • during air-conditioning or heating
    • before applying nasal drops for better efficacy

Suitable for adults and children (from birth)

Hypertonic seawater solution

Brings relieves:

  • When you feel stuffy nose
  • In acute rhinitis
  • When you have rhinitis or rhinitis of allergic origin
  • When you have sinusitis
  • Before use of nasal corticosteroids
  • For mitigating the effects of long-term use of nose drops that contain vasoconstrictors
  • When you have problems with snoring

for adults and children two years of age and older