Remove the protective ring and the protective, transparent nozzle cover before using. To apply hold the spray in an upright position with the nozzle pointed up. Press down on the dispenser several times until the solution is released. Gently slide the nozzle into the nostril and press down on the dispenser, holding the spray in an upright position and keeping the head straight. Breathe in gently through the nose when spraying. Administer 1-2 sprays into each nostril several times per day as needed. After use, wash the nozzle with sufficient amount of water and put the protective cover and ring to its original position for hygiene reasons sprays should not be shared between people.

Download directions for use

Delmar_izotonic.pdf       Delmar_hypertonic.pdf

protective nozzle cover

soft nozzle also suitable for the youngest children

supportive surface for fingers allows for easy application

protective ring prevents accidental pressing down of the nozzle

conveniently sized package that fits in your purse