Did you know that the Blue Whale is the biggest animal on Earth? It can reach a length of more than 30 m and weigh as much as 190,000 KG.

The biggest travelers among the species are Gray Whales – every year they cover around 18,000 km in average. They live in the Atlantic Ocean predominantly near the Bering Strait, however for breeding they float all the way to California and Mexico coasts.

Did you know that the biggest seal is the Elephant Seal? The males can reach lengths of up to 6.5 m and weights of up to 4,500 kg. They can reach a height of 3 m when they lift up their heads. Elephant Seals live mainly in areas near Antarctica, but sometimes they appear in unexpected places, like in the summer of 2014, on a beach in Perth, in Australia:

Two-ton seal took over a whole beach just for himself

The Dolphin breathes through its lungs, like all Cetaceans. In contrast to humans, who breathe reflexively (they don’t have to think about breathing), the dolphin breathes deliberately – if a Dolphin stops thinking about breathing, it will suffocate. Naturally they still have to breathe when they are sleeping too, therefore one of their brain hemispheres sleeps while the other one is awake and they switch every 20 minutes.

The Giant Squid is the biggest Cephalopod. It can reach as much as 14 meters in length. The Giant Squid has also the biggest eye in the animal kingdom that has an average diameter of 30 cm. The biggest enemy of the Giant Squid is the Sperm Whale. It’s capable of diving as deep as 3,000 meters and can hold its breath up to 2 hours!

The record in Humans in free diving is held by Herbert Nitsch, an Austrian free diver who managed to dive to a depth of 249 m. This particular diver can hold his breath up to 9 minutes.

Did you know that the biggest Pearl in the world weighs 6.4 kg? It was found in a giant Clam that has 1.2 m long shells and weighs 200 kg.

The World largest living creatures that can be seen even from the moon, is the Great Barrier Reef in northeastern Australia. It is made up of ca. 900 islands and it is over 2,300 km long.