Isotonic seawater solution

For everyday hygiene of the nasal cavities in order to:

  • Lower the risk of infection of the upper respiratory tract
  • Clean the nasal passage
    • in case of nasal congestion, colds, rhinitis due to allergies
    • in small children
  • Moisturize a dry nasal mucous membrane in
    • during air-conditioning or heating
    • before applying nasal drops for better efficacy

Suitable for adults and children (from birth)

DELMAR nasal spray is intended for nasal mucosa with impaired physiological functions and for everyday hygiene of the nasal cavities. the isotonic solution restores the mucosa’s natural moisture, self-cleaning ability and regular production of protective mucous. the isotonic solution naturally and effectively preserves the proper functioning of the nose. Regular daily use of the nasal spray lowers the risk of infection of the upper respiratory tract.

Delmar isotonic solution

Contains 9 mg of sea salt / ml of solution. the isotonic solution moisturizes and soothes the nasal mucosa. Softens mucus in the nose, thus facilitating its removal and reduces the risk of inflammation.