Hypertonic seawater solution

Brings relieves:

  • When you feel stuffy nose
  • in acute rhinitis
  • When you have rhinitis or rhinitis of allergic origin
  • When you have sinusitis
  • Before use of nasal corticosteroids
  • For mitigating the effects of long-term use of nose drops that contain vasoconstrictors
  • When you have problems with snoring

for adults and children two years of age and older

DELMAR Hypertonic nasal spray is intended for the nasal mucosa with impaired physiological function in cases of infectious and allergic episodes. the content of salts in the solution is higher than inside cells of the body, salt concentration corresponds to salinity of sea water. Such solutions are called hypertonic. After application to swollen nasal mucosa DELMAR Hypertonic removes water by natural mechanism of osmosis, thereby reduces swelling and facilitates breathing through the nose.

Delmar hypertonic solution

Contains 37 mg of sea salt / ml of solution, an amount similar to the salt content of the Mediterranean Sea. the salt content in Delmar hypertonic solution is higher than in human body cells. DELMAR Hypertonic solution naturally, quickly and easily provides relief in nasal congestion. It helps cleanse and moisturize the nasal cavities.